Art Resin Project

This is my progress through creating my Art Resin Project. I had a photo that I wanted to paint and I wanted to make it have a lot of depth. So I decided to make it a 4 layered Art Resin painting using alcohol inks or acrylic inks for each layer. I worked from the back to the front with each coat of resin.

Trembling Aspen Trees Acrylic Ink and Resin on 16 X 20 Wood Panel
Trembling Aspen Trees
1st Layer
First Stage

I always gesso my Wood Cradled Panel before I paint on it.  Painting a background colour for sky and ground gave me a basis to add on to.

Prep your work for first coating of resin

I put green painters tape around the bottom edges to catch the dribbles. Put latex gloves on, wipe the painting with Mineral Water to clean off oils from your hands. I use red plastic cups to set the wood panel on and then level it, using a level. Otherwise the resin will run off to the low side.

Resined sky
A PVC pipe frame to hold plastic up off of painting but limits dsut getting in.
First  Coat of Art Resin

I covered the painted wood panel with clear resin and dribbled white resin  in the sky area. For the white resin I used the Pebeo Vitrail White added to a small amount of clear Art Resin to colour it. Then I took my hairdryer and blew the white resin around in the sky area to make the clouds. It makes a really nice lacing effect so they look fluffy or light. Keep moving the white resin around until you get the effect you want for the clouds.You have 45 minutes to work with your resin before it becomes too tacky to work with. 

Make sure you pop the bubbles

Use a torch to pop bubbles and pick out any dust using a tiny stick. Make sure the resin is on the edges and use your gloved fingers to smooth it around the edges. The 45 minutes working time gives you time to torch it a few more times to get the bubbles out. New bubbles will appear after the first torching, so you will need to repeat it.

Build a frame to cover your resin

I used PVC pipe to build a frame for covering my resin projects. Then I cover it with a piece of plastic to keep dust off of it until it cures overnight.

Cover and let cure for 24 hours and carefully peel the green tape off of the back. It is still pliable and comes off easier. Try not to touch the front side much. Let it  cure for another 24 hours. A full cure is 72 hours for the Art Resin.

After the Art Resin has cured for 48 hours, I give it a light sanding with sandpaper to give it tooth for the next coat of resin to stick to. then I can paint the next layer on it.

Begin Painting the Aspen Trees

I used Acrylic Inks to paint this layer of the painting. I painted the tree trunks in the places I wanted them to be. 

Leaves on the Aspen Trees

I used 3 Autumn colour in Acrylic Inks to paint the leaves on the tree trunks. You need to consider your foliage behind as to where you place your trees and the leaves. You don't want to cover up the clouds in the sky. Wait till the ink dries and spray with Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear and dry. Then follow Resin process from the top.

the Background Foliage

I used alcohol inks to paint some evergreen trees and fall foliage along the horizon line. Once ink is dry for a couple of hours I spray it with Krylon Crystal Triple Thick Spray to seal it. Let it dry and then prepare to resin again following the same steps above for your resin process.

Back Aspen Trees
leaves on trees
left side
Front Aspen Trees
Finish your Painting

Add in your leaves on the right hand side, the foliage, and the shadows. Let it dry and spray to seal it.

Put on your last coat of resin using the resin process at the top of this page.. After 72 hours your painting is fully cured and ready to hang up on your wall.


Front Set of Aspen Trees

I painted my tree trunks on the left hand side with Acrylic Inks and worked on that side first. Be careful where you place your trunks so you don't cover up the layer before or you won't have the depth that makes the painting. Then I use 3 colours for the tree leaves, leaving space to see through. Paint some fall foliage in the trees using 3 fall colours.

Right Hand Side of Aspen Trees

Paint in your tree trunks again watching that you don't cover up your previous layer of trees. When putting all of the branches on, think of the what part of the sky you want to be seen. 

Trembling Aspen Trees Acrylic Ink and Resin on 16 X 20 Wood Panel