My Story

I am a retired teacher and taught Kindergarten to Grade 5. While I was teaching I worked with my students to give them exposure and experiences with creating watercolour pieces of art, ceramics, and lots of other experiences with lots of different mediums.

Meet the Artist

Alice Tunnell

Artist Statement

As an artist I strive to develop paintings that speak to me and others about the beauty that surrounds us. Capturing that beauty with my brushes and colourful paints is what makes being an artist so fulfilling to me. Art comes to me as a form of expression and gives me a medium to explore and create.

As I travel to warmer places in the winter and camping in the summer I see stunning scenery. A lot of my inspiration comes from the water in oceans, lakes, and rivers and the beautiful landscapes that this water creates. My work explores the concept of how to transfer the water and landscapes into artistic creations. I am a versatile artist, I do not limit myself to one medium, technique or concept.  My inspiration and ideas change with new experiences. My knowledge and ability grow with networking and creating. Each piece I create is a connection of my past experiences, what I’ve learned, as well a preview of my future and where I am going as an artist.

Being a retired teacher, I love giving workshops to people who are interested in learning new ways of creating art. Their enthusiasm and paintings inspire me to continue working with adults and children offering my experiences with art and to impart to them what I have learned as an artist.

“I paint the world as I see it with all its glorious colours and silhouettes.”   Alice Tunnell

Artist Bio

Alice Tunnell is an artist, retired teacher, and social media coordinator. She has been living and working in the Okanagan for 29 years. Her love of music and art inspires her to try new ideas in art. Being a retired teacher, she worked with her students to encourage them to explore and be creative in the various art and music projects that she planned in her classes.

Through her travels to warmer places in the winter and camping in the rest of the year, she has found stunning sunsets and beautiful colourful water in oceans, lakes, and rivers which has been her major source of inspiration for her paintings. She is a versatile artist, who thrives on trying various mediums and techniques to create paintings.

On one of her winter holidays, she participated in a 10-week workshop in Antigua with a professional artist from the UK, Sarah Allen. Each week she had the opportunity to complete a new piece of artwork using a different medium. She was so inspired, that when she returned home she continued to work on her art using several types of mediums; watercolours, acrylics, and alcohol inks.


August 15, 2018 – Predator Ridge Summer Market

August 11& 12, 2018 – Manteo Summer Market

July 26th  2018 – Arts on the Avenue

June 22, 23,  2018 – Discover – Art in the Valley, Kelowna Curling Rink

April 2018 – Spring Craft Culture

Dec 2017 – Mamas Collection Christmas Art and Craft Market

Dec 2017 – Hands in Service Christmas Market

Dec 2017 – Tree of Hope Christmas Market, Landmark Building

Dec. 2017 – Arts and Crafts Christmas Fair at Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

November 2017 – Connect Christmas Fair Parkinson Recreation Center

October 2017 – Art Exhibition at Volcanic Hills Estate Winery for the Wine Season

August 2017 – Art Exhibit at Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

July to Sept. 2017 – Peachland Farmer’s Market

May to Sept 2017 – Kelowna Farmer’s Market

November2016 – Art Exhibit and Craft Sale, Kelowna Yacht Club

She has also been invited to exhibit her art work at RAW Art Exhibit in Calgary in April and Vancouver in July but was unable to attend because of scheduling. This is an exhibit that she plans on exploring on future dates.

Artist Group Memberships

  • OKAC,
  • SWAK
  • Rotary Center for the Arts



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