Meet the Artist – Alice Tunnell

Alice Tunnell

Alice Tunnell is an Okanagan artist in British Columbia. She received her BEd from Univ. of Alberta and her MEd from Univ of Calgary. Alice taught Kindergarten to Grade 5 and worked with her students to give them exposure and experiences with creating pieces of art, ceramics, and using lots of different mediums. She continues to teach adult workshops using alcohol inks and acrylic. Their enthusiasm and paintings inspire her to continue working with people to offer her experiences with art and to impart to them what she has learned as an artist.

During a winter holiday in Antigua in 2015 – 2016, Alice participated in a 10 week workshop with a professional artist from the UK. The techniques, mediums, and projects inspired her to pursue using alcohol inks, acrylic, and other mediums to improve and enhance her art.

As Alice travels to warmer places in the winter and camping in the summer, she sees stunning scenery. Her inspiration comes from the water in oceans, lakes, and rivers and the beautiful landscapes. Capturing that beauty with her brushes and colourful paints is what makes being an artist so fulfilling to her. Alice’s inspiration and ideas change with new experiences. Her knowledge and ability grow with networking and creating. Each piece she , creates is a connection of where she has come from and what she has learned, as well as where she is going as an artist.

Alice Tunnell’s Artists Group Memberships

  • President of the Okanagan Artists’ Coalition
  • Federation of Canadian Artist Okanagan Chapter,
  • Lake Country Art Gallery
  • Rotary Centre for the Arts
  • Artsco,

She has shown her work at Lake Country Art Gallery,  FCA Fresh Off the Easel Exhibition, Opus Indoor Outdoor Online Challenge, Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna Bean Scene Coffee Shops, BDO Accounting Firm, Discover Art in the Valley, Artsco Exhibition, West Kelowna Art Exhibition, Blenz Coffee Shop, Volcanic Hills Estate Winery, Vibrant Vine Estate Winery, Kelowna Yacht Club Art Exhibition, Craft Culture Events, Peachland Farmers and Crafters Market, and various Christmas Markets.

Contact her at:

Alice Tunnell

“I paint the world as I see it with all its glorious colours and silhouettes.”   Alice Tunnell

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